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A Comprehensive Resource for HOA Law

FindHOALaw is a robust resource for legal information applicable to California condominium projects, homeowners associations, and common interest developments. Its substantial volume of content and thousands of internal links help users better understand the unique body of law governing HOAs in California.

This website presents information in a clean and objective manner. No legal advice or subjective opinions are provided. The wealth of helpful content found under Topic Index TOPIC INDEX is based directly on statutory law and case law precedent.

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Powered by Expert HOA Attorneys

FindHOALaw is powered by a law firm that has been providing expert legal counsel to California HOAs exclusively for over 25 years: Tinnelly Law Group. The firm’s goal in developing this website was to provide its hundreds of clients, industry partners and the broader HOA community with a modern, robust and reliable resource for objective legal information. FindHOALaw’s content is constantly being refined and expanded upon.

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