Committee Member Qualifications

There is no law that establishes qualifications for persons wishing to serve on a HOA committee. There may be qualifications established in an association’s governing documents; however, those qualifications typically pertain to directors wishing to serve on the board, not to persons wishing to serve as members of a committee. (See “Director Qualifications.”)

Establishing Committee Member Qualifications
Absent contrary provisions in an association’s governing documents, committees are appointed by the board and serve at the pleasure of the board. (Corp. Code §§ 7210, 7212.) Serving at the pleasure of the board allows for the board to appoint and remove committee members at any time, and to also establish specific qualifications that persons must satisfy before being able to serve on a committee.  Qualifications commonly utilized by boards in this respect include:

  • Being a member of the association
  • Being in “good standing” (i.e., not in violation of the governing documents, delinquent in assessments, etc.)
  • Not involved in litigation with the association
  • Attending a minimum number of committee meetings
  • Being a director (for executive committees)

Executive Committees – Directors Only
The only qualification that would automatically apply to committees is in the context of executive committees. Pursuant to Corporations Code Section 7212(b), only directors (members of the association’s board) are permitted to serve on executive committees.