Manager Certifications & Designations

The designations and certifications obtained by a common interest development (CID) manager must typically be disclosed to an association’s board of directors. (See “Manager Disclosure Requirements.”) Professional designations and certifications available to CID managers are offered through the following HOA and real estate management organizations:

  • California Association of Community Managers (CACM)
  • Community Associations Institute (CAI)
  • Community Association Managers International Certification Board (CAMICB)
  • Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM)

Certification Overview
The following table provides an overview of the various certifications offered through the above organizations:

Certification Acronym Certification Name Offering Organization
AAMC Accredited Association Management Company CAI
AMS Association Management Specialist CAI
ARM Accredited Residential Manager IREM
CCAM Certified Community Association Manager CACM
CMCA Certified Manager of Community Associations CAMICB
CPM Certified Property Manager IREM
LSM Large-Scale Manager CAI
MCAM* Master of Community Association Management CACM
PCAM* Professional Community Association Manager CAI
RS Reserve Specialist CAI

*Denotes highest level certification for that organization

The ability to obtain one of the above certifications may be contingent upon whether the manager already obtained a lower certification offered through the issuing organization. Accordingly, managers who obtain a high-level certification within a particular organization often do not list any of the lower designations which he or she previously obtained through that organization.