Records Subject to Inspection

Most of the books, records and items of information maintained and generated by an association during the course of its operations are subject to inspection and copying by a member. (Civ. Code § 5205; See also “Member Record Inspection Rights.”) The records of an association that are subject to inspection and copying are broken down into two (2) main categories: “association records” and “enhanced association records.” (Civ. Code § 5200.)

“Association Records”
Civil Code Section 5200(a) defines “association records” to include all of the following:

Financial Records:

Vendor & Employee Contracts:

Governing Documents:

Agendas & Meeting Minutes:


Enhanced Association Records:

“Enhanced Association Records”
Civil Code Section 5200(b) defines “enhanced association records” to include “invoices, receipts and canceled checks for payments made by the association, purchase orders approved by the association, credit card statements for credit cards issued in the name of the association, statements for services rendered, and reimbursement requests submitted to the association.” Anything which constitutes an “enhanced association record” is also an “association record.” (Civ. Code § 5200(a)(13).)

Time Periods for Producing Records
An association is only required to produce records for its current fiscal year and for its two (2) previous fiscal years. (Civ. Code § 5210(a)(1); See also “Deadlines for Producing Association Records.”) However, minutes of member, board, and committees with “decisionmaking authority” must be made permanently available for inspection. (Civ. Code § 5210(a)(2).)

Request for Inspection & Production Requirements
Subject to certain limitations, members and directors of an association have varying rights to inspect association records. (See “Member Record Inspection Rights;” See also “Director Record Inspection Rights.”)