Davis-Stirling Act Conversion Table

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Old Code
New Code
Subject Matter
1350 4000 Davis-Stirling Act Title
1350.5 4005 Effect of Headings
None 4010 Application of Act
None 4035 Document Delivery to Association
1350.7 4040 Notice or Delivery to Individuals
1350.7 4045 General Delivery or Notice
1350.7 4050 Document Deemed Delivered
None 4055 Electronic Delivery
None 4065 Approval by Majority of Members Defined
None 4070 Approval by Majority of a Quorum Defined
1351 4075 Applicability of Article Definitions
None 4076 “Annual Budget Report” Defined
None 4078 “Annual Policy Statement” Defined
1351(a) 4080 “Association” Defined
None 4085 “Board” Defined
1351(b) 4095 “Common Area” Defined
1351(c) 4100 “Common Interest Development” Defined
1351(d) 4105 “Community Apartment Project” Defined
1351(e) 4120 “Condominium Plan” Defined
1351(e) 4285 Condominium Plan Requirements
1351(e) 4290 Condominium Plan Recording
1351(e) 4295 Amending or Revoking a Condominium Plan
1351(f) 4125 “Condominium Project” Defined
1351(g) 4130 “Declarant” Defined
1351(h) 4135 “Declaration” Defined
None 4140 “Director” Defined
1351(i) 4145 “Exclusive Use Common Area” Defined
None 4148 “General Notice” Defined
1351(j) 4150 “Governing Documents” Defined
None 4153 “Individual Notice” Defined
None 4160 “Member” Defined
None 4170 “Person” Defined
1351(k) 4175 “Planned Development” Defined
1351(l) 4185 “Separate Interest” Defined
1351(m) 4190 “Stock Cooperative” Defined
1352 4200 Applicability of Act; Creation of CIDs
None 4201 Not Applicabile to Development without Common Area
None 4205 Hierarchy of Governing Documents
1352.5 4225 No Unlawful Restrictive Covenants
None 4235 Correction of Cross-Referencing in Documents
1353 4250 Content of Declaration
1353 4255 “Airport Influence Area” Disclosures
None 4700 Limits on Regulation of Separate Interests
1353.5 4705 Display of U.S. Flag
1353.6 4710 Display of Noncommercial Signs
1353.7 4720 Roofing Materials and Repairs
1353.8 4735 Prohibitions on Low Water-Using Plants
1353.9 4745 Electric Vehicle Charging Station Restrictions
1354 5975 Enforcement of Governing Documents; Attorney’s Fees
1355 4260 Amendment to Declaration Permitted
1355 4270 Amendment Procedural Requirements
1355 5115(e) Ballot and Voting Procedure
1355.5 4230 Removal of Declarant Provisions
1356 4275 Court Petition for Amendments
1357 4265 Amendment to Extend Term of Declaration
1357.100 4340 “Operating Rule” and “Rule Change” Defined
1357.110 4350 Enforceability of Operating Rule
1357.120 4355 Application of Rule-Making Procedures
1357.130 4360 Notice of Rule Change
1357.140 4365 Reversal of Rule Change by Members
1357.150 4370 Application to Rule Changes after 2004
1358(a) 4625 Transfer of Interest in Community Apartment Project
1358(b) 4630 Transfer of Interest in Condominium Project
1358(c) 4635 Transfer of Interest in Planned Development
1358(d) 4640 Transfer of Interest in Stock Cooperative
1358(d) 4645 Transfer of Exclusive Use Common Area
1358(d) 4650 Severability of Component Interests
1359 4610 Partition of Common Area in Condominium Project
1360 4760 Improvement to Separate Interest
1360.2 4740 Rental Restriction Limitations
1360.5 4715 Pet Restrictions
1361 4505 Rights of Ingress and Egress
1361.5 4510 Right of Access to Separate Interest
1362 4500 Ownership of Common Area
1363(a) 4800 Development Managed by Association
1363(b) Omitted
1363(c) 4805 Corporate Powers of Association
1363(d) 5000 Membership Meetings
1363(e) 5240(b) Access to Association Records
1363(f) 5850 Schedule of Monetary Penalities (Fines)
1363(g) 5855 Disciplinary Measures; Notice of Hearing; Notice of Decision
1363(h) 4820 Joint Association; Member Rights
1363(i) 5865 Effect on Authority to Impose Penalties
1363.001 5400 Director Education Course
1363.005 Omitted
1363.03(a) 5105(a) Election Rules Required
1363.03(b) 5100(a) Elections Held by Secret Ballot
1363.03(b) 5115(b),(c) Quorum; Cumulative Voting
None 5100(b) Operating Rules Establishing Secret Ballot Votes
1363.03(c) 5110 Inspector of Elections Required
1363.03(d) 5130 Proxies
1363.03(e) 5115(a) Ballot and Voting Procedure
1363.03(f) 5120(a) Counting Ballots
1363.03(g) 5120(b) Election Results
1363.03(h) 5125 Custody of Ballots
1363.03(i) Omitted
1363.03(j) 5105(b) Election Rules; Floor Nominations
1363.03(k) 5115(d) Election by Mail
1363.03(l) 5100(c) Applicability of Election Requirements to Unincorporated Associations
1363.03(m) 5100(d) Applicability of Election Requirements to Member Votes
1363.03(n) 5100(e) Conflicts with Corporations Code
1363.03(o) Omitted
1363.04 5135 Association Funds in Election Campaigns
1363.05(a) 4900 Open Meeting Act Title
1363.05(b) 4925(a) Open Board Meetings
1363.05(b) 4935(a),(b) Executive Session
None 4935(c),(d) Executive Session
1363.05(c) 4935(e) Executive Session Items Noted in Minutes
1363.05(d) 4950(a) Availability of Meeting Minutes
1363.05(e) 4950(b) Notice of Availability of Minutes
1363.05(f) 4920 Notice of Board Meetings
1363.05(g) 4923 Emergency Meetings
1363.05(h) 4925(b) Open Forum
1363.05(i) 4930 Agenda Requirements
1363.05(j) 4910 No Board Action Outside of Meeting
1363.05(k)(1) 4155 “Item of Business” Defined
1363.05(k)(2) 4090 “Board Meeting” Defined
1363.07 4600 Grant of Exclusive Use of Common Area
1363.09(a), (b) 4605 Enforcement of Section 4600
1363.09(a), (b) 4955 Enforcement of Open Meeting Act
1363.09(a), (b) 5145(a) Enforcement of Election Requirements
1363.09(c) 5145(c) Enforcement of Election Requirements; Small Claims
1363.1(a) 5375 Managing Agent Disclosure
1363.1(b) 4158 “Managing Agent” Defined
1363.1(b) 5385 Employee not “Managing Agent”
1363.2(a)-(e) 5380 Deposits of Association Funds
1363.2(f) 4158 “Managing Agent” Defined
1363.2(f) 5385 Employee not “Managing Agent”
1363.2(g) 5380(f) Deposits of Association Funds
1363.5 4280 Content of Articles of Incorporation
1363.6 5405 Articles of Incorporation Requirements
1363.810 5900 Applicability of Dispute Resolution Procedures
1363.820 5905 Procedure for Resolving Disputes
1363.830 5910 Internal Dispute Resolution (IDR); Requirements
1363.840 5915 Default IDR (Meet and Confer) Procedure
1363.850 5920 Notice of IDR Policy in Annual Policy Statement
1364(a) 4775(a) Association and Owner Maintenance Responsibilities
1364(b) 4780 Wood-Destroying Pests
1364(c) 4775(b) Temporary Relocation During Repair
1364(d) 4785(a)-(c) Removal of Occupants for Pest Treatment
1364(e) 4785(d) “Occupant” Defined
1364(f) 4790 Exclusive Use Telephone Wiring
1365(a)(1) 5300(b)(1) Pro Forma Operating Budget
1365(a)(2) 5565 Summary of Association Reserves
1365(a)(2)(A) 5565(a) Reserve Summary; Major Components
1365(a)(2)(B) 5565(b) Reserve Summary; Accounting of Cash Reserves
1365(a)(2)(B)(i) 5565(b)(1) Reserve Summary; Accounting of Cash Reserves
1365(a)(2)(B)(ii) 5565(b)(2) Reserve Summary; Accounting of Cash Reserves
1365(a)(2)(B)(iii) 5565(b)(3) Reserve Summary; Accounting of Defect Funds
1365(a)(2)(C) 5565(c) Reserve Summary; Percent Funded
1365(a)(2)(D) 5565(d) Reserve Summary; Deficiency in Funding
1365(a)(3)(A) 5300(b)(4) Annual Budget Report; Statement of Deferred Repairs
1365(a)(3)(B) 5300(b)(5) Annual Budget Report; Statement of Anticipated Special Assessments
1365(a)(3)(C) 5300(b)(6) Annual Budget Report; Statement of Reserve Funding Plan
1365(a)(3)(D) 5300(b)(8) Annual Budget Report; Statement of Loans
1365(a)(4) 5300(b)(7) Annual Budget Report; Statement of Reserve Calculations
1365(a)(4) 5300(d) Reserve Summary; Not Admissable as Evidence
None 5300(c) Annual Budget Report Availability
1365(b) 5300(b)(3) Summary of Reserve Funding Plan
1365(c) 5305 Review of Financial Statement
1365(d) 5320 Delivery of Annual Budget Report & Annual Policy Statement
1365(e) 5310(a)(7) Annual Policy Statement; Statement of Collection Policy
None 5310 Annual Policy Statement
1365(f)(1), (3), (4) 5300(b)(9) Annual Budget Report; Insurance Summary
1365(f)(2) 5810 Notice of Change in Insurance Coverage
1365.1(a), (b) 5730(a) Notice of Collection Procedure in Annual Policy Statement
None 5730(b) Deletion of Notice for Timeshare Interests
1365.1(c) 4040(b) Secondary Address for Notices
1365.2(a) 5200 Records Subject to Inspection
1365.2(a) 5220 Membership List Opt Out
1365.2(a) 5225 Request for Membership List; Requirements
1365.2(b) 5205(a),(b),(f) Record inspection
1365.2(c) 5205(c)-(g) Record Inspection
1365.2(d) 5215 Redacting Information from Records
1365.2(e) 5230 Misuse of Association Records
1365.2(f) 5235 Enforcement of Records Inspection Rights
1365.2(g) 5240(c) Applicability to Community Service Organization
1365.2(h) 5205(h) Electronic Transmission of Records
1365.2(i)-(k) 5210 Time Periods for Producing Records
1365.2(l) 5240(a) Conflicts with Corporations Code
1365.2(m) 5240(d) Applicability to Developer-Controlled Board
1365.2(n) Omitted
1365.2.5 5570, 5300(e) Reserve Funding Disclosure Form
1365.3 5580 Community Service Organization Report
1365.5(a) 5500 Board Review of Association Finances
1365.5(b) 5510(a) Use of Reserve Funds; Withdrawal Requirements
1365.5(c)(1) 5510(b) Limitations on Expenditure of Reserve Funds
1365.5(c)(2) 5515 Borrowing from Reserves
1365.5(d) 5520 Reserve Funds for Litigation
1365.5(e) 5550, 5560 Reserve Study Requirements; Reserve Funding Plan
1365.5(f) 4177 “Reserve Accounts” Defined
1365.5(g) 4178 “Reserve Account Requirements” Defined
1365.5(h) 4201 Application of Davis-Stirling Act
1365.6 5350(a) Applicability of Corporations Code to Contracts
None 5350(b),(c) Required Recual for Directors & Committee Members
1365.7 5800 Limitation of Director & Officer Liability
1365.9 5805 Limitation of Member Liability
1366(a) 5600(a), 5605(a) Assessments
1366(b) 5605(b),(c), 5610 Limitations on Assessments; Emergency Assessments
1366(c) 5620 Regular Assessments Exempt from Creditors
1366(d) 5615 Notice of Assessment Increase
1366(e) 5650(b) Delinquent Assessments
1366(f) 5650(c) Exemption from Interest-Rate Limitations
1366.1 5600(b) Limitations on Assessment/Fee Amounts
1366.2 4210 Record Statement of Association Information
1366.4 5625 Assessments Based on Tax Value
1367 5740(b) Application to Assessment Liens After 2003
1367.1(a) 5650(a), 5660 Assessment Debts; Pre-Lien Letter
1367.1(b) 5665 Priority of Payments
1367.1(c)(1)(A) 5670 Dispute Resolution Offer Prior to Recording Lien
1367.1(c)(1)(B) 5705(b) Dispute Resolution Offer Prior to Initiating Foreclosure
1367.1(c)(2) 5673 Decision to Record Lien
1367.1(c)(3) 5655(a)-(e) Meeting to Discuss Payment Plan
1367.1(d) 5675(a)-(3), 5685(a), 5725(a) Lien for Delinquent Assessment; Lien Release; Monetary Charge for Damage
1367.1(e) 5725(b) Monetary Penalty may not be a Lien
1367.1(f) 5680 Lien Priority
1367.1(g) 5735(a)-(b), 5700(a), 5710(a),(c) Assignment of Right to Collect Assessments; Enforcement of Lien; Trustee Sale
1367.1(h) 5700(b) Provisions not Limited by Other Statute
1367.1(i) 5685(b) Lien Release when Lien Recorded in Error
1367.1(j) 5710(b) Notice of Default
1367.1(k) 4040(b) Secondary Address for Delivery of Notices
1367.1(l) 5690 Collection Procedure; Procedural Noncompliance
1367.1(m) 5740(a) Application to Assessment Liens After 2003
1367.1(n) Omitted
1367.4(a) 5705(a), 5715(a), 5720(a) Application to Debts that Arise on or After 2006
1367.4(b) 5720(b) Limitations on Foreclosure; Amount of Debt
1367.4(c) 5705, 5715 Foreclosure Requirements; Right of Redemption
1367.4(c)(1) 5705(b) Dispute Resolution Offer Prior to Foreclosure
1367.4(c)(2) 5705(c) Decision to Foreclose Made by Board
1367.4(c)(3) 5705(d) Notice of Board’s Decision to Foreclose
1367.4(c)(4) 5715(b) Right of Redemption
1367.4(d) 5720(c)(2)-(3) Exceptions to Foreclosure Amount Limitations
1367.5 5685(c) Lien Recorded in Error
1367.6 5658 Payment Under Protest
1368(a) 4525 Disclosures to Prospective Purchaser
1368(b) 4530 Escrow Documents Provided by Association
1368(c)(1) 4575 Transfer Fees
1368(c)(2) 4580 Exemption from Transfer Fee Restrictions
1368(c)(3) 4110 “Community Service Organization or Similar Entity” Defined
1368(d) 4540 Enforcement of Escrow Disclosure Requirements
1368(e) 4545 Validity of Title to Real Property
1368(f) 4535 Owner’s Additional Transfer Requirements
1368(g) 4158 “Managing Agent” Defined
1368.1 4730 Real Estate Marketing Restrictions
1368.2 4528 Document Disclosure Form
1368.3 5980 Standing of Association in Legal Proceedings
1368.4 5985 Comparative Fault; Allocation of Damages
1368.5 6150 Notice of Civil Action Against Declarant
1369 4615 Mechanic’s Lien in Condominium Project
1369.510 5925 “Alternative Dispute Resolution” and “Enforcement Action” Defined
1369.520 5930 ADR Prerequisite to Enforcement Action
1369.530 5935 Request for Resolution to Initiate ADR Process
1369.540 5940 Time to Complete ADR Process; ADR Costs
1369.550 5945 ADR Effect on Statute of Limitations
1369.560 5950 Certification of ADR Efforts
1369.570 5955 Stay of Enforcement Action for ADR
1369.580 5960 Attorney’s Fees in Response to ADR Refusal
1369.590 5965 Summary of ADR Procedures in Annual Policy Statement
1370 4215 Liberal Construction of Documents
1371 4220 Boundaries of Units
1372 4020 Construction of Zoning Ordinance
1373 4202 Not Applicable to Commercial or Industrial Developments
1374 4201 Not Applicabile to Development without Common Area
1375 6000 Construction Defect; Pre-Litigation Procedures
1375.1 6100 Notice of Settlement Agreement
1376 4725 Television Antennas; Satellite Dishes
1378 4765 Architectural Review Procedures
None 5260 Member Requests That Must be in Writing