AB 1978 (Gonzalez). Property Services Workers Protection Act.


Would require the association to verify its janitorial service provider maintains a current and valid registration. HOAs which contract with unregistered and unlicensed janitorial contractors are subject to fines.

Current Status: Chaptered

FindHOALaw Quick Summary:

This bill would add Part 4.2 (commencing with Section 1420) to Division 2 of the Labor Code to require every janitorial business to register annually with the Labor Commissioner, and would prohibit an employer from conducting business without registration, and would authorize the commissioner to revoke a registration under certain circumstances.  The bill would establish civil fines for specific violations of its provisions.  HOAs which contract with an unregistered janitorial service may be subject to a civil fine of not less than $2,000 nor more than $10,000 in the case of a first violation, and a civil fine of not less than $10,000 nor more than $25,000 for a subsequent violation.

**UPDATE: AB 1978 was signed by the Governor on September 15, 2016. Its changes to the law will become operative on July 1, 2018. 


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